Transit visa


Transit visa


Important to know

Single-entry transit visa is issued to the citizens of Italy, citizens of other countries and persons without citizenship for an entry to the Russian Federation with a purpose of travelling in transit through the Russian Federation territory for a period up to 10 days (by road or railway) or for period up to 3 days (by air) based on tickets valid for exit from the Russian Federation, a visa allowing an entry into a neighbouring country according to the itinerary, a visa of a destination country or a passport of this country.

A transit visa is issued to a foreign citizen travelling thorough the territory of the Russian Federation by a private vehicle or a truck for a period necessary for a travel by a shortest route (but for no more than 10 days). The visa duration is calculated in this case based on an average supposed daily mileage, which is 500 km.

Double-entry transit visa duration may not exceed one month. In case when a foreign citizen needs to travel through the Russian Federation to a third country and then return by the same way through the Russian Federation in a period exceeding one month, it is necessary to obtain a single-entry transit visa, the second transit visa must be obtained in a Russian Consulate of a destination country.

A transit visa is not needed:

  • in case of a non-stop air transport flight over the Russian Federation territory;
  • in case of a change of planes in an airport of the Russian Federation with a transit area, providing a subsequent flight to a destination country is executed within 24 hours from the arrival date to the Russian Federation.

IMPORTANT! If you are planning to leave the transit area, a transit visa must be obtained!

Please note!  All trips between Russia and Belarus are considered to be domestic. Therefore, one must go through the border and passport control only in one of these countries. Due to this reason the passengers heading to or from Belarus with a transfer in Russia must obtain a transit visa. Furthermore, US citizens that have a transit on the Russian territory have to apply for a transit visa even if the duration of their stay within the transit zone of the airport is less than 24 hours.

Please note! Medical insurance policy must contain:

  1. contract date;
  2. policy number;
  3. first name, last name and date of birth of a policy holder;
  4. details of the insurer;
  5. a policy must be valid for the whole duration of the;
  6. list of medical and medical transportation services including repatriation of remains;
  7. coverage territory – the whole world or the Russian Federation; Europe, including Russia;
  8. coverage for at least 30.000 EUR;
  9. signature of the insurer and stamp of the insurance company.

Insurance policies, letters of confirmation from insurance organizations not containing the above-mentioned information, set forms with the seals of the insurance companies and other insurance documents not fulfilling the indicated requirements are not considered.

Necessary documents

In order to apply for a standard single-entry or double-entry transit visa one must submit:

  1. The tickets valid for an entry and an exit from the Russian Federation.

  2. A visa allowing entry to a neighbouring country according to the itinerary, a visa to a destination country, a passport of this country or motivated request and the documents, confirming the necessity of a stop, except if otherwise provided in an international agreement. A visa is not required for the citizens of countries with a visa-free entry to a neighbouring country or a destination country in compliance with the existing agreements between them.

  3. Passport with no less than 2 empty pages for visas, valid for 6 months from the visa expiry date

  4. Visa application form filled in on the website, printed and signed personally by the applicant;

    The Russian Visa center can complete a visa application on your behalf.

  5. Colour photography 3.5 x 4.5 cm with a light background with a clear frontal view of the full face without tinted glasses or a headwear (except for the persons who in accordance with their nationality or religious beliefs are depicted with a headwear on their passport photography). At the Russian visa center in Rome or Milan you may ask for the additional service “Express Photo”;

  6. Medical insurance policy valid on the territory of Russian Federation and during the validity of the visa, except for the mutual insurance cases;

  7. Power of Attorney (in case of submitting documents/collecting passport with ready visa by a third party).

Please note! Consulate institution reserves a right to request additional documents for visa processing, invite for an interview or extend the duration of a visa processing.

The consular and service fee may be paid in a Visa Office.

Fees and time schedules

The approximate consideration period is from 1 to 10 business days.

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To fill in an application form


Filling in the application form

In a Russia Visa Office you can use a service of having the application form filled in. A fee for the service is added to the service fee and is 15 Eur. One may request this service during the submission of the documents for the visa processing.