General rules


General rules

Dear visitors!

Before visiting a Russian Visa Office please read the following information.

To ensure safety of the visitors and create conditions for effective work, on the Visa Office premises it is forbidden:

  • to take photographs as well as make audio and video recordings;
  • to smoke, drink alcohol, eat. This is with the exception of citizens that are required to eat due to medical reasons and the time for a meal coincides with the Visa Office visit;
  • to talk loudly, make noise, use a foul language, insult, infringe on employees’ and visitors’ of a Visa Office rights;
  • to talk on a mobile phone and use other voice communication technology;
  • to listen to music by the means of portable music players, tablets and other devices without earphones;
  • to disturb the tranquillity of other visitors and the Visa Office working regime by any other means.

It is forbidden to bring the following items to the premises of a Visa Office:

  • any type of firearm, pneumatic and traumatic weapon (regardless of licenses and permits);
  • electric shockers, aerosol spray cans and other means of self-defence, edged weapons, piercing and cutting items including cutlery;
  • explosive, flammable, poisonous, toxic substances and articles (firecrackers, flammable liquids, gas cylinders, etc.).

This list is not exhaustive. Visa Office employees may also forbid bringing other items that may be of serious hazard to others.

Dear visitors!

Please refrain from visiting a Visa Office with large bags and suitcases, the allocation of which in the waiting room may hinder evacuation of visitors in case of an emergency.

Note: Please pay attention to suspicious persons and items left unattended on Visa Office premises. If they are detected immediately inform Visa Office employees.

Please keep in mind that the Visa Office administration is entitled to refuse or interrupt the reception of documents from a visitor who ignores the rules described above and demand to leave the premises of a Visa Office.

Thank you for your understanding!