Legalisation of Documents Issued in Italy for the Use Abroad


Legalisation of Documents Issued in Italy for the Use Abroad


Generally, the process of legalisation of documents issued in Italy in order to present them in the countries that have signed the Hague convention occurs in three stages:


  1. Putting of an Apostille

The Apostile on the document issued by Italian authorities is put in the Prefecture/ Public Prosecutor’s Office (based on the document).

  1. Translation

The documents, except for the ones issued on the multilingual forms according to international conventions, should be also translated from Italian into the language of the country of destination. The translation must be done according to the requirements of the country of destination.

  1. Translation conformity attestation

In countries where a legal figure of an official translator exists, the conformity can be attested by the translator himself, and his signature should be then legalised by the Consular Office.

In countries where such a figure doesn’t exist it is necessary to request a conformity certification at the Consular Office.

VHS presents administrative, commercial, legal and notary documents to the competent Italian authorities for Apostille and legalisation.

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