The Quality Policy


The Quality Policy


The Quality Policy highlights the strategic choices made by Management to ensure that the services it provides are aligned as closely as possible with market demands.

VISA HANDLING SERVICES S.R.L. has set among its strategic objectives to guarantee the quality of the products and services it provides and to meet Customers’ implicit and explicit needs, achieved by constantly improving its business processes. 

Drawing on a process-approach management system, the company sets itself the following guiding principles - Mission:

  • Provide excellent quality services by meeting customers’ specifications and the requirements established by laws and regulations, with a constant focus on ethics and responsibility towards its staff;
  • Use appropriate technologies and organisational methods;
  • Use highly skilled employees and external staff, ensuring and promoting the constant updating of their professional expertise;
  • Maintain and spread its organisational know-how within the company;
  • Use suitable infrastructures/equipment for performing its activities, acquired on the basis of the company’s development;
  • Meet Customers’ needs by accurately analysing their current and future needs and expectations; on this basis, plan activities that make it possible to meet their requirements and exceed their expectations;
  • Aim towards ongoing improvement; this implies actively searching for every occasion to identify any defects and anomalies, removing their causes and preventing their recurrence;
  • Operate in the context of reference to identify and mitigate any risks related to the company’s activities, by closely analysing both the context and the risks and opportunities;
  • Monitor processes to ensure they are correctly handled, aiming towards their ongoing improvement;
  • Increase its efficiency and performances;
  • Improve its internal and external image;
  • Create lasting and trust-based relationships with its Customers/clients, aimed at ongoing collaboration; 

VISA HANDLING SERVICES S.R.L.’s corporate Vision consists in the desire to strengthen its position in the target markets and to seek new markets where it can do business successfully.

It aims to ensure the company’s growth and to maintain an approach focused on ongoing improvement and on the quality of its services, seeking to meet the needs of its Customers/clients and of any other stakeholders and availing itself – as mentioned above – of developments in technology and of high-level professional expertise. The organisation has the task of achieving high quality standards: to do so it makes best use of available resources and creates an environment that promotes workers’ professional and human potential.

To achieve these objectives, the organisation has adopted a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001 standard. The organisation regards the System as a tool for guaranteeing control of all corporate activities that have an impact on its processes.

The commitments of Management’s Quality Policy are translated annually into a plan of defined and measurable objectives, which are achieved by providing all necessary resources and support. The objectives and process indicators are defined periodically, monitored in a structural framework, discussed during the Management Review and periodically updated, on the basis of the results obtained from the System. The objectives are consistent with the analysis of the context carried out by the company to identify stakeholders, their needs and expectations, and associated risks (threats to be addressed and opportunities to be seized).

The Quality Management System Review is the moment in which Company Management defines and/or updates the objectives and commitments, to ensure that both processes and products are suitable and effective, in line with the agreements taken with Customers.